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Gallery of modern art
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Exhibition «photo-my love "is a report on the traversed creative ways, including the work of different years and at the same time the application for the future, because he represents and only emerging ideas and forms. More than 150 works that the author does not wish to squeeze into narrow genre, only holds a certain thematic face: portraits, landscapes, still life, staged a series of "master and Margarita", "Fantasy", first volume will feature musical sketches. Photographer for each plot-accidentally caught or raised-it's a unique moment of life, which is becoming etched, able to defeat the indomitable running time, to defeat death as the end of existence. Moments of life, fate, history, world, which surrounds us, one after another are lining up for him in an endless way of perceiving the world, its beauty and harmony. His companions are people, objects, animals, nature, his theater. In his works Ilya Slavutsky leads a lively dialogue with the audience, treading a very fine line between fantasy and reality, not turning it in any of its ideas and in this risky gait special courage and for the author, and for someone who is looking at his work.